Pherotones – The Killer Marketing App?

If only I believed they really existed!

Someone’s put up a site called which purports to sell (only it doesn’t sell, really) “the ringtone secret that can make you irresistible to the opposite sex.” One tone is coyly dubbed, “Veni. Veni. Veni.”

Imagine the marketing potential! Is this a viral site? It certain appears to be — e-mail-friend is highly encouraged, right on the homepage. There’s also a registration page. If it is viral, who’s behind it (a whois lookup wasn’t much help)? Whatever it’s for, it appears to be working. It got BoingBoinged, after all.

Update: Tip o’ the hat to Steve Hall, who got to the bottom of this (where agency McKinney Silver lay lurking, no client outing yet).

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