Picture a Simplified Site

Last month GE Healthcare launched a campaign with user-generated content and viral elements. At the time we covered the microsite set up for the campaign, the site had user-submitted photos divided into categories and a means to send an e-mail to a friend to spread buzz about the site.

One month later, the site seems to be scaled back a bit, but still conveys the same message. The concept of the “Picture a Healthy World” remains. However instead of grouping photos into categories, it looks like the tagging was dropped and all the photos are lumped together. The viral mechanisms also appear to be stripped out.

It was a great experiment in consumer-generated media (CGM) and an ambitious project, no doubt. The site works well as it currently stands, but without the tagging, it looses some of its relevancy. I couldn’t find a photo submitted by ClickZ Managing Editor Pamela Parker. There were too many photos in the uncategorized group. And not only are you unable to tell a friend about the site, each photo remains under the same URL so you can’t even send a unique link to a friend and expect her to find the photo you want to send.

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