Pivotal Veracity Launches E-Mail Delivery, Monitoring Tools

As an increasingly complex email landscape continues to challenge marketers, email delivery company Pivotal Veracity launched a suite of online tools Monday intended to help monitor, manage and improve email delivery rates. It’s estimated 17 to 25 percent of opt-in email is delivered to bulk or spam folders, or simply never delivered at all.

Deirdre Baird, formerly of Digital Impact, founded the Sarasota, Fla.-based company in January. Its goal is to provide delivery services to email service providers (ESPs) and agencies, both as an internal tool and for resale to clients. Baird also hopes to sell directly to large marketers to enable them to monitor ESP performance.

“E-mail service providers often don’t want their clients to know what’s happening,” Baird said. She says Pivotal Veracity can help marketers monitor their ESP’s performance, both in terms of delivery as well as to ensure they’re not “pimping” rental lists.

The online tools include Content Scorer, which allows senders to check email content against 4,500 spam filter rules and 120 blacklists used by ISPs, among other criteria. It advises senders what elements in messages might be considered spam and offers advice for avoiding pitfalls. Its five categories of analysis include a benchmark tool to compare and track performance against industry peer groups. Baird says the company is especially careful to evaluate potential clients for this service, to ensure it isn’t getting into the hands of spammers.

eDelivery Tracker audits the delivery process: if messages are delivered, rate of delivery, and where emails go (bulk or inbox) on 23 ISPs. Reports can be generated by criteria including date, time, vendor, and others.

Finally, the company’s pvIQ Enterprise Platform provides more advanced analytics capabilities, and allows larger companies to integrate internal and external email efforts throughout various divisions.

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