Pixsy Goes the Widget Way

blackfrancis.jpgSearch platform provider Pixsy Corporation is hoping to extend its network tentacles beyond larger publisher partner sites. The firm just released a widget allowing anybody with a site, MySpace page, whatever, to drop a customized image and video search engine on his site. Site owners can choose which categories they’d like to include in their search databases, and can even narrow a search down to one category.

The company currently splits ad revenue with the larger publishers using its white label service; however, no ads will run in the new embedded search tool — yet. Pixsy CEO Chase Norlin told ClickZ last week the firm needs to work out the kinks first. It’ll be a chore to determine the best method for compensating bloggers and site owners, and figure out how best to serve ads via the multiple ad networks the company works with.

Another new offering allows people to place a standard IAB ad unit on their sites which will display category or publisher-specific photos, changing them dynamically.

Companies Norlin counts as competitors include Singingfish (multimedia search platform owned by AOL), video search outfit Blinkx (just signed by Dow Jones Online to enable video search) and AOL. “We have a healthy respect for [AOL]” Norlin said during our call the other day. Be that as it may, Pixsy claims photo search is even bigger than video search, and hopes that functionality will make them a more attractive potential partner to well-branded online publishers.

Oh, and they may use a different spelling, but you can indeed find Pixies videos on Pixsy.

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