Planet Fitness Creates Pinterest Stress Antidote

unicorncatAfter a Today Show survey found 42 percent of moms suffer from “Pinterest stress,” health club franchise Planet Fitness has launched a relief effort, No Pintimidation, to encourage pinning “perfectly imperfect content” on its own Pinterest page.

Planet Fitness defines Pinterest stress as “anxiety that they can’t live up to the ideals suggested by images of domestic perfection posted on the site.”

The study, which was released in May, included 7,000 U.S. mothers.

“You don’t have to be perfect,” says McCall Gosselin, director of public relations at Planet Fitness. “If you can’t live up to the ideals on the site, have a little fun, go to and upload perfectly imperfect pins.”

As of June 20, fans can visit the No Pintimidation website to upload a photo that Planet Fitness says “might just be a little too perfect and ‘de-pintimidate’ it by adding embellishments like cats, unicorns or phrases that call out the perfection.”

Once fans upload a photo, the site allows them to crop their images and click a “De-pintimidate” tab to automatically generate the embellishments, Gosselin says. There’s also an option to “De-pintimidate again.”

The No Pintimidation campaign includes boards on Home Décor, Gardening and Outdoors, and Food on Planet Fitness’ Pinterest page. As of Friday, these three boards contained about 50 pins, some of which were posted by the brand itself.

Planet Fitness has 1,000 followers, 11 boards, and 95 pins on Pinterest. The brand began pinning content in April.

“Planet Fitness really as a brand is a health club that does things very differently than other health clubs with its Judgment Free Zone and new marketing tagline, ‘No Gymtimidation,'” Gosselin says.

The brand says it targets the 85 percent of Americans who have never been to a gym before or are occasional users who feel intimidated by traditional gyms.

“The no intimidation feeling and motto really speaks true to who we are,” Gosselin says. “When we saw this study on the Today Show…we thought, ‘Wow – that’s really interesting and plays so well with our no intimidation mentality and the feeling that you don’t have to go to the gym seven days a week to be healthier.'”

Further, the study made for a great way for Planet Fitness to engage fans on Pinterest, where the brand has not been as active as it has been on other social networks, she says.

“We thought it was a great way to jump into Pinterest, engage with fans, and encourage them to have a little fun, upload a photo…[and] de-pintimidate that image so people aren’t as stressed,” Gosselin adds.

While Planet Fitness encourages everyone to participate, the brand expects to see content from more women/moms given that Pinterest is a more female-centric platform, but also because its clubs tend to have more female members “because women tend to crave that judgment-free environment,” Gosselin says.

The brand is promoting the campaign on both Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #nopintimidation. @PlanetFitness has 28,000 followers. While the brand’s official Facebook page has 284,000 fans as of Friday, Gosselin says Planet Fitness also has local pages for each of its 650 clubs, bringing its total number of fans to about one million.

“The campaign is a reflection of the type of brand that we are – fun, innovative, and sort of what we call ‘category contrarians,'” Gosselin says. “Everything typical gyms do, we do the opposite, like high pressure sales and personal trainers that want to pressure you into signing up for packages…No intimidation really sets us apart from other health clubs. You see Planet Fitness doing something fun and relevant like this, but other health clubs probably wouldn’t do something like this on social.”

Planet Fitness says it has more than 4.5 million members.

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