Platform A Delivers Ads Optimized for iPhones

In the latest sign of the importance advertisers are placing on reaching iPhone users, AOL’s Platform A is launching a solution that will deliver banner ads optimized specifically for the trendy Apple phone.

The solution is designed to detect when a user is browsing the mobile Web via an iPhone and then deliver banner ads created specifically to fit the handset’s unique dimensions and capabilities. Third Screen Media, which is Platform A’s ad-serving platform and network, can also redirect iPhone users to special versions of an advertiser’s Web site specifically designed for their interface.

AOL said the new solution is a direct response to requests from advertisers who are eager to reach consumers using iPhones, who are by nature early adopters and frequent Web browsers.

“There’s a lot of interest around iPhone users. They’re top of mind for a lot of advertisers,” said Kent Johnson, director of business operations for Platform A. “iPhone users are very engaged with their mobile Web experience, much more so than users of different kinds of handsets. And they all have in common that they’ve spent a lot of money on a handset.”

The unique dimensions and capabilities of the iPhone present a problem for advertisers, however.

“The default view for somebody who’s browsing a traditional Web page on the iPhone is a full-page width view,” said Johnson. “A traditional Web banner presented in that format is condensed down to the point where it is practically illegible in many cases.”

The new Third Screen Media solution would automatically present iPhone users with a legible banner ad or redirect them to a site designed for the iPhone experience. Johnson said it would work with advertisers to help them develop those ads or sites. “We would create or assist the advertiser in creating a banner ad that is more impactful in that top-level view,” he said.

The new solution is a good illustration of why AOL has brought together all its digital advertising capabilities under the Platform A umbrella, said Johnson.

“This is a great example of Platform A doing what it is really capable of doing, which is bringing together the desktop and mobile experience for advertisers,” he said. “Advertisers say, ‘We want to get this message to people regardless of how they’re accessing it.’ This is a natural extension of our vision for how advertising comes together.”

Platform A is just the latest company to develop services geared specifically to the iPhone. Other ad networks, such as AdMob, as well as mobile ad companies like JumpTap and PurpleTalk, have all recently introduced solutions or applications designed solely for the Apple phone.

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