How marketing can drive the technology agenda: The ClickZ Podcast with Andrew Campbell


 Episode 10 with Andrew Campbell

How marketing can drive the technology agenda

We talk to Andrew Campbell about customer relationship marketing, and hear how marketers can harness the latest technology to continually improve the customer experience.

Marketers should be obsessed with customer data. It is the raw material for generating insights into what the customer is thinking. The modern marketer has an incredible opportunity to understand their customer at a level of detail that has never previously been possible, across all parts of the customer journey, but in order to collect and use this data they require technology.

About Andrew Campbell

Andrew-Campbell-author-pic-100Andrew Campbell is a martech hybrid. He started out gaining a computing degree, then spent 10 years as a techie in large scale marketing systems development. He was then fast-tracked through an MBA and hopped over the wall into marketing. His intent is to simplify, structure and standardise planning and design processes, and empower marketers to lead the CX strategy in their business, actively shape technology strategy, surprise and delight their customers and drive the bottom line.


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Andrew Campbell is the author of ClickZ Intelligence’s Operationalising Customer Experience report, which provides marketers actionable insights for optimising the customer journey. For more information about the report, and to download a copy, visit the ClickZ Intelligence website.