Adblockers and the future of online advertising: The ClickZ Podcast with Ben Williams


Episode 12 with Ben Williams

Adblockers and the future of online advertising

Adblockers have become a major challenge for publishers and advertisers alike. Adblock Plus is the most popular and has been downloaded on more than 500 million devices around the world. We’re joined by Ben Williams the communications and operations manager from Adblock Plus. We hear the story of how Adblock Plus has evolved and get Ben’s perspective on the future of online advertising. We’ll also find out why Adblock Plus has become so popular, where the areas of growth are and how Adblock Plus is aiming to work with publishers and advertisers to find a common ground.

About Ben Williams


Before starting at Cologne-based Eyeo GmbH in July of 2013, Ben worked at the German Embassy in Washington, DC. Prior to that, he worked mainly at non-profit organisations. Eyeo makes the world’s most popular browser extension Adblock Plus, which has been downloaded more than 500 million times, and in late 2011, began its Acceptable Ads initiative to try to broker a compromise in the often contentious relationship between marketers and adblockers. He has been instrumental in spreading that message to a larger audience since he started in 2013.


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