The story of Google Analytics: the ClickZ Podcast with Brian Clifton


Episode 3 with Brian Clifton

The story of Google Analytics, plus the latest trends in data and analytics

We hear what it was like to be part of the team at Google Analytics in the early days, hearing first hand some of the challenges and getting an insight into the early vision for what Google Analytics was to become. Bringing us right up to date, Brian then explains why he is excited about Attribution and talks us through the latest trends including data driven attribution.

Brian Clifton Search Integration 2015 ©Photographer Anna Lauridsen KullafotoAbout Brian Clifton

Brian Clifton (PhD) is a measurement strategist, advisor and renowned practitioner of performance optimisation using Google Analytics. Recognised internationally as a Google Analytics expert, his best selling books have been translated many times and are used by students and professionals worldwide. As Google’s first Head of Web Analytics for Europe (2005-8), Brian built the pan-European team of product specialists.


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