The catalyst for digital change: The ClickZ Podcast with Charlie Salter


Episode 7 with Charlie Salter

Shift London: how an event can be the catalyst for digital change

In this episode you’ll learn all about Shift, ClickZ’s innovative new event on all things disruption and transformation. Our guest is Charlie Salter, the brains behind Shift, who shares his experience of what makes a really effective event and how he’s ensured these learnings are incorporated into the design of Shift London. We’ll also be hearing what Charlie thinks are the major themes for marketers and digital leaders to be aware of in 2016, and discussing how marketers can ensure they are up to date.

About Charlie Salter

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Charlie developed and organised the Shift London event coming up in May. Starting out as a criminal barrister, where he learnt the art of argument and persuasion, his natural next career turn was to marketing. Charlie worked as an entrepreneur for 10 years in eastern Europe and Japan, where he set up nightclubs, bars and other leisure venues. He later got involved with B2B event marketing in UK, where he got a taste for the live experience of B2B events, and using the internet to promote them.




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Charlie is one of the organisers behind Shift London, our new campaign and event aimed at the altered minds, business models, skill sets, buying habits and marketplaces driven by digital disruption – and the ensuing transformation imperative.
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