Optimise your checkout process: The ClickZ Podcast with James Gurd


 Episode 9 with James Gurd

Optimise your checkout process – practical tips and checklists

Join experienced digital strategist James Gurd and hear some practical advice for how you can start to set up and optimise an effective check out process on your website. These insights will be helpful for both ecommerce professionals and general marketers who are trying to optimise lead generation funnels and sign ups. James shares case studies of the best check out processes, as well as recommending how to get started.

About James Gurd

James GurdJames Gurd is a digital transformation and digital strategy consultant with more than 14 years’ experience developing and implementing ecommerce strategies for B2C and B2B. He helps clients translate brands into sustainable digital channels based on realistic plans and budgets, and is experienced in guiding organisations through the complexities of a new platform build or replatform.



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James Gurd is the lead author of ClickZ Intelligence’s comprehensive report Ecommerce Checkout Best Practice Guide, which examines 34 core ecommerce checkout capabilities in detail. For more information about the report, and to download a copy, visit the ClickZ Intelligence website.