Using psychology to improve online advertising: The ClickZ Podcast with Jim Hodgkins


Episode 14 with Jim Hodgkins

Using psychology to improve online advertising

Targeting online consumers can be a blunt science, but VisualDNA have pioneered a way to collect psychological profiles for individuals on line to create enhance profiles. These profiles can then be used to create segments of users in ad exchanges based on personality. This allows advertisers to tailor ad creative and target to individuals based upon their personality. Jim Hodgkins, the UK MD for VisualDNA, explains the importance of understanding audiences and how this is at the centre of the future of advertising.

About Jim Hodgkins


Jim leads VisualDNA’s services to advertisers and marketers focused on growing customer insight and targeting-services. Jim believes that new technology and data enables marketers to develop much closer relationships with consumers and that VisualDNA is in an amazing position to help consumers and businesses control how they use data for mutual benefit. He led Experian’s global and UK Marketing Services businesses from 2008-12 and prior to that built Experian’s B2C CreditExpert service.


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