Harnessing data, creativity and context to produce powerful ads: The ClickZ Podcast with Matt Nash


Episode 17 with Matt Nash

Harnessing data, creativity and context to produce powerful ads

Join Matt Nash, Managing Partner UK at Neo @ Ogilvy, and Tim Flagg as they discuss how ad agencies are harnessing the power of data to produce powerful and effective advertising. They cover how the future of advertising lies in being able to predict what a user is going to do, and how we’ll be able to tell stories in a sequence of ads across devices. Whilst data is important, we’ll also hear about the importance of creativity and context in creating ads that connect with audiences.

About Matt Nash

Matt Nash Neo Ogilvy

Matt Nash is the Managing Partner UK at Neo@Ogilvy. Over the past 18 years Matt has gained extensive digital media experience working for a variety of blue chip businesses and start ups. Prior to joining Ogilvy Matt spent 3 years as VP Europe for The Exchange Lab, creators of Proteus, the worlds first ‘Meta’ DSP technology. In his earlier career was the founder and CEO of OOSOCIAL one of the UKs first social media agencies and was the Managing Director of Faceparty.com, a pioneer social network which launched in 2000 and developed a community of 6 million UK users between 2000-2009


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