Harnessing the power of your data with a Data Management Platform: The ClickZ Podcast with Miles Pritchard


Episode 15 with Miles Pritchard

Harnessing the power of your data with a Data Management Platform

What exactly is a Data Management Platform, and why is it so important? Miles Pritchard, Global director of marketer and agency solutions at Lotame, will explain what a DMP is and how they are being used by marketers and agencies. We’ll also look ahead at some of the challenges that advertisers are facing, and how being able to collate data from multiple different sources can help deliver more targeted and effective advertising. DMPs are becoming a critical part of every marketer’s technology stack, so tune in and listen to Miles explain the industry best practice and how to get started.

About Miles Pritchard


Miles started his career at independent agency the7stars, where he went on to become was head of biddable and programmatic media. He went on to become a brand relations manager at VivaKi, Publicis Media’s programmatic trading function at the time, where he worked with agency teams and directly with marketers, helping brands effectively implement and deploy programmatic strategies as part of their media mix. At Lotame, Miles works alongside brands and agencies looking to get to grips with the concept of data and data management platforms.


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