Putting user data at the centre of effective advertising campaigns: The ClickZ Podcast with Richard Robinson


Episode 13 with Richard Robinson

Putting user data at the centre of effective advertising campaigns

Advertisers are able to access a huge amount of data about the behaviour of online users, but few know how to analyse and interpret that data. We speak to Richard Robinson, MD of Turn. Turn is a marketing platform that allows advertisers to identify audiences and create highly targeted campaigns. We’ll hear about their mission to work with brand owners, media agencies and creatives to help them understand the potential of using data to produce personalised and highly effective ads.

About Richard Robinson


Richard has spent almost 20 years assisting companies in the building of brands and the development and implementation of innovative go-to-market strategies. As Managing Director, Richard is responsible for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region for the Turn Digital Advertising Hub. A large part of Richard’s role at Turn is encouraging marketers to recognise how to turn big data into big action, and building awareness of programmatic across Europe by educating marketers about how to get the most out of their campaigns.


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