PointRoll Adds Ad Sequencing

Advertisers using PointRoll’s rich media technology can now determine the order in which multiple ad units appear in campaigns using a new ad sequencing feature.

“Sequencing at the most basic level has been around since the Burma Shave billboards. A user sees an ad, and the next one builds on it from there,” said Andy Ellenthal, SVP of sales at PointRoll “The difference here is that it’s based on user interaction — a user’s behavior will get them a different ad.”

Using ad sequencing, advertisers can control the progression and delivery of multiple ad units, using any trackable event as the trigger — such as the viewing of an ad, submission of data on a form, or a click on a link. A user’s history is stored in a cookie, and the next time that user views an ad from that advertiser on any site, a new ad is shown based on the advertiser’s pre-set rules. Up to 20 different iterations can be assigned for each series.

Advertisers can also set up the sequencing to send unique messages based on user exposure. For example, Ellenthal said a PointRoll travel client used the technology to vary ad units to become less intrusive as the user became exposed to multiple ads. The first ad used a more intrusive floating ad that resolved to a non-user-initiated video. The next was just the non-user-initiated video, and the following exposures used a Fatboy expandable ad with user-initiated video.

“This way, they were able to have a high-impact message, without being constantly in the user’s face,” he said. Other PointRoll clients have begun using sequencing in the same way.

In another application, CPG advertisers have used it to limit entries in sweepstakes, requests for samples, or coupon offers by only showing it to a user until they have taken advantage of that offer, and then switching to a branding ad.

Propel and Target have used sequencing during the beta test period.

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