Pontiflex Latest in Web Ad Sector to Score Funding

The bucks are flowing for online ad networks and tech firms lately. As I report today, a handful of firms in the sector have received investments in the past few weeks, including Collective Media, Glam Media, ScanScout, Rubicon, Pubmatic.

The latest example, announced today, is Pontiflex. The firm dubs itself a “cost-per-lead market,” and just grabbed $6.25 million in series B funding.

The Pontiflex investment follows along with the conclusions of people I spoke with yesterday regarding the other investments: There’s a general movement among advertisers away from cross-site media buys (read: premium/CPM) towards adoption of targeted, performance-based advertising sold and managed through efficient platforms.

Pontiflex came on my radar late last year – turns out Obama’s campaign bought ads through the network. As of January, I calculated about $137,000 worth.

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