Poor Planning Leads to RNC Web Contest Take Down

ClickZ News - Politics & AdvocacyIt looks like the Republican National Committee didn’t exactly do its homework on one of its latest efforts to peg the Obama administration as big spenders. By way of TechPresident (by way of Politico and leftie political site AmericaBlog), the RNC launched an online contest aimed at young Republicans earlier this week, but the committee — amazingly — forgot that there are a whole lotta detractors out there ready to pounce.

The “Obama Card” game was a contest aimed at young Republicans. The challenge: see how fast they can reach expenditures totaling “the $3.4 trillion limit set by our current president.” The game apparently was integrated with Amazon’s database. Contestants could search for products, adding them to their shopping carts in the hopes of amassing the whopping sum.

AmericaBlog’s John Aravosis had some fun with it the other day, searching on keywords like “Jew,” “bondage,” and “anal.” The intended results ensued: lots of books with offensive and risque titles and imagery.

Now, after launching Tuesday, according to Politico, they’ve taken it down. I have a call into the RNC to confirm and find out whether they’ll re-launch it.

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