PPC Network Unveils ‘Site Stickiness’ Tool

In a bid to help its 350 publisher partners garner more pageviews, Findology plans to bow a tool that lets readers effectively search a site by clicking on a highlighted keyword.

From the user perspective, the implementation is similar to that used by Vibrant Media’s Intellitxt offering. A word within textual content appears as a link. Unlike with Intellitxt, though, a user must click the link to take further action. When she does, she’s delivered to a search results page that displays keyword-targeted sponsored links from pay-per-click network Findology as well as “site listings,” or links to related pages within the site or network.

“It makes sure that we’re only highlighting appropriate keywords,” Jon Waterman, CEO of Findology Interactive Media, told ClickZ. “It takes into account whether the publisher has other pages related to that content available.”

From Findology’s point of view, it’s a way to deliver more advertising and help publishers generate more pageviews. So far, only one partner publisher, Box Office Mojo, has been testing the technology, called Content Map. Box Office Mojo has implemented it in user discussion forums. Findology says it’s increased pageviews by 10 to 15 percent.

The company says it can customize the publisher implementation to ensure an appropriate number of links per page, create a customized landing page, or block results from competitors.

Findology is a second-tier pay-per-click company with a network of publishers in the vein of Google’s AdSense or Yahoo Publisher Network. The company says it currently delivers more than two billion impressions per month for thousands of advertisers. Its publisher partners include IGN’s Rotten Tomatoes and a number of domain name aggregators.

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