Print Shops Could Use Kinko’s Competition to Advantage

fedexkinkos.gifFedEx hopes to push its Kinko’s brand through a recent relationship with Adobe, makers of Acrobat software. But a deal to feature a prominent link to Kinko’s in some Adobe software has smaller printer outfits fuming.

According to a Wall Street Journal story, smaller printers are concerned they’ll lose business to Kinkos since the embedded link allows people to send printing orders automatically to Kinko’s without going to the site.

“Adobe says it is reviewing the matter and expects to officially respond to the printing industry’s concerns on Wednesday,” wrote the Journal.

I don’t doubt this could have some impact, but don’t companies work with smaller printers for other reasons besides the ability to save a couple steps when submitting orders — like superior customer service, personal attention, loyalty, etc.?

Call me crazy, but isn’t this a reason for smaller operations to promote why they’re better than the cold, impersonal printing behemoth?

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