PS3: How to Kill Your Brand

Video game enthusiasts can be a fairly loyal and at times a very snarky bunch, so I wasn’t too surprised when a few game developer friends of mine tipped me off to this video floating around the Internet about Sony’s PS3 sales woes verses the Microsoft Xbox 360.

But as the song repeats its chorus of “How You Killed Your Brand” intermixed with samples of Phil Harrison, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, supposedly hemming and hawing over answers to questions, and even several shots of PS3 declining sales charts, I was hard pressed not to chuckle at things as well.

A brief search on my part failed to uncover where the video came from, aside from the fact that it was recorded by someone named Doc Adams, but it’s hard not to smell some of Microsoft’s hand in things. If viral marketing is all the rage, was viral mudslinging not too far behind? Or perhaps some viral dancing on graves?

Still, it’s a catchy tune!

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