PSP Users Browse for 50 Cent

Paramount Pictures created a site to promote its upcoming 50 Cent vehicle, “Get Rich or Die Tryin.'” The Web site, formatted specifically for Sony’s PSP handheld gaming system, can be accessed wirelessly.

The PSP-optimized site, available at, features film trailers, wallpapers, cast photos and Webisodes based on the movie. Paramount was not available to answer questions about which site features were unique to the PSP site, or whether all the content was shared with the movie Web site,

According to Paramount, this is the first movie-related site where users can browse and directly view movie trailers and additional video content on the PSP. Existing content offerings require users to download video onto a PC, then transfer content to the PSP to view. While Paramount may be the first to launch a movie site, Reebok, along with its interactive agency Zugara, recently debuted a PSP portal of sorts.

The Paramount site was developed with special attention to the aspect ratio and navigation controls of the PSP handheld. To use it, people must first install version 2.0 firmware, a software upgrade provided by Sony. PSP users have criticized that upgrade for blocking certain content and downloadable games not controlled by the manufacturer.

The PSP has a reported installed-base of six million units worldwide, which is expected to double this holiday season. Beyond the movie release, the site may be used to promote the DVD and UMD (define) release of the film. The UMD format is used by the PSP. Sony anticipates UMD sales to hit $250 million by the end of this year.

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