Puma Asks ‘What Does Football Mean to You?’

Here’s a different way to make use of all those photos stored on our smartphones and digital cameras. Enter them in a Puma campaign with a chance to win $2,000 or potentially earn cash if the brand decides to use the photograph in future marketing.

Puma partnered with Foap, a Swedish-based mobile photo agency for brands, to ask fans “What does football mean to you?” Fans of football and soccer alike can submit their entries in Puma’s first mission on the Foap mobile app until July 9.

“You don’t need to be a professional photographer to snap great photos now,” says David Los, CEO and co-founder at Foap. “We can give brands the engagement and branding that they get from Instagram, but with the difference that they can be in their own image libraries and create value for their marketing divisions.”

More than three million photos have been submitted for Foap Missions since the platform launched almost three months ago, says Los. Missions have been issued for other campaigns by brands such as Lavazza, Visit Sweden, Axe, and others.

“If you search for Red Bull or Puma on Google Images you will find millions of photos, but they are just lying there dead. The same thing on Instagram, and nobody can use them,” Los says. “We want to change that and make it valuable so users can make money off it and so that the brands can utilize that content as well.”

Foap sells the user-submitted photos to brands for $10 and shares half of that with the photographer. Puma sweetened the pot for its first mission by offering a $2,000 prize for the photo that earns the highest ratings from other users that join the promotion.

“It’s fantastic to see that this is actually something that brands have been waiting for a lot, especially when it comes to finding content for social media. We have learned that it’s very hard for them to find,” says Los. “Sometimes you don’t need a million photos in one mission to find the correct one. It’s good enough if you get thousands of photos, but they are quality ones.”

Rutger Hagstad, communications manager at Puma Nordic, tells ClickZ the timing for an experimental campaign like this couldn’t have been better. “Being in the Nordics, football for us is huge during the springtime,” he says, explaining that the Foap mission came alongside other Puma campaigns for football online and in print.

“At the end, we might use some of these images in our own social media activities and stuff like that. I think if I’m 15 years old uploading a picture on a Puma campaign or competition site and that picture is used I’d be pretty proud,” Hagstad tells ClickZ. “We’re all looking for new ways to communicate our brand or to connect with our end consumer in a smart way without buying them, so to say, in traditional media but also through Facebook, or Google, whatever. But this is new. We wanted to try it from a Puma Nordic point of view…to see where it could end up and see if we could do something bigger with this going forward, planning football for the World Cup in Rio, for example.”

“It’s a test,” he adds. “Test always sounds negative, but it’s a fun test. We want to see where this ends up.”

About 300 images were submitted in the first week of the campaign without much promotion on Puma’s part, but Hagstad isn’t worried about numbers so much as the content itself. “What really caught my eye and passion is the variety. It’s not only hardcore football or soccer fans,” he says. “It’s about joy, which is important to Puma. Joy is a really important ingredient.”

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