Purposefully Repurposing Content

A couple of months ago, I wrote a column covering a checklist for developing content. As marketers, we consistently seek good content to help us connect with our target or current customers. Why? Because our target and current customers are consistently seeking good content!

But content development doesn’t have to mean recreating the wheel. Sometimes it can just mean recreating the content. When I’m working on a program with my colleagues, one of our favorite things to do is see how many ways we can repurpose the content that we already have. Not only is it a good way to make the most of limited budget and resources, but it’s flat-out fun. (OK, I’m a marketing geek.)

Here are some great ways to repurpose content.

Press Releases

Many companies have a press team that works hard to put forward compelling messages that target media and/or end customer targets. Press releases can include quotes from key executives at your company, partners, and/or clients, stats that highlight an accomplishment, or statements announcing new achievements.

When you have approval to use a client or strategic partner quote, it can be invaluable for prospects to see. So let it live a little outside of the press release. Take out the quote(s) and post to your website, in a brochure, or in an email to support a specific angle or topic. Stats and other statements can also be pulled out of a press release and be reused. Educational stats or new updates lend themselves to inclusion in an upcoming email nurturing campaign, such as a newsletter, or being put out over your active social networks.

Case Studies

All marketers love case studies. They show results and can showcase a great brand or client to help tell a story. Case studies themselves can be valuable to post to your website, included in an email nurturing campaign, etc. But there are other ways to repurpose the information.

First, consider if it’s press worthy. Can you also ask a brand representative to speak to media on your behalf and turn the case study into an exclusive story with a journalist? Think about upcoming awards. Can you repurpose the story and submit? It’s a win-win…your client feels special and it showcases how your company helped support them in their success. And lastly, what about using the case study for a speaking submission at an upcoming event? Most of the story is already baked and what’s better than telling your story along with a client and proven results?

Reports/White Papers

Research reports and white papers typically contain a lot of information and can be quite lengthy. This type of content can be great to equip your current customers with information and help drive leads through promotion of the content and downloads. And, of course, the length and value of research/white papers lends itself to breaking it down further and repurposing the content into smaller bites.

Like a case study, it’s valuable to look into the press worthiness. Many journalists love reporting on the latest trends and insights. Taking key highlights and the report to a relevant publication could get you an exclusive or good coverage to further promote the report itself. Speaking of key highlights, you can also break down themes from the report and turn it into a blog post. You can also use those highlights for another speaking submission at an upcoming event. Lastly, a creative and visual way to repurpose the key stats or points is to turn it into an infographic. After all, who doesn’t love a good infographic?

Hopefully some of my favorite ways to reuse content can now become some of your favorites, if they’re not already! Otherwise, the Google on the Internets can be helpful in finding other great tips to repurpose content.

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