Quattro Unfurls Self-Serve Mobile Ad Product

Quattro Wireless has launched a new product, GetMobile, to assist advertisers and publishers in reaching audiences on mobile handsets.

Media buyers can use the GetMobile dashboard to create and target ads by vertical, carrier, country, and certain phone capabilities. Depending on an advertiser’s needs, the system supports landing pages, click-to-call capabilities, e-mail address collection, extended product information and coupons. Marketers can also create multiple executions for the same campaign or target video ads to capable phones.

Advertisers can place ads on sites that use GetMobile’s system to convert Web content for mobile consumption. That process spiders participating sites and reformats their logos and navigation for mobile use. Publishers can then customize the converted sites using drag-and-drop features or upload new assets such as mobile-specific logos.

At launch, GetMobile’s audience segments include sports and entertainment, women, news and more segmented offerings for Hispanic, teen and other audiences.

“We provide a quick way to get on board, a way to use your existing assets, a way to get comfortable and get into this new world,” said Eswar Priyadarshan, CTO of Quattro Wireless.

Quattro’s not the first to attempt to ease the transition to mobile. Last spring iLoop Mobile unveiled a self-service campaign management product for advertisers. Other products from Millennial Media and Bango were made available around the same timeframe.

Quattro’s existing network of approximately 60 publishers includes the mobile presences for the NFL, Univision, CBS News, and Playboy. The firm has worked with brands such as Always, CoverGirl, Sony Pictures and Virgin Mobile.

ABI Research predicts global spending on mobile marketing will grow from an estimated $1.8 billion this year to $24 billion in 2013.

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