Quentin George Named Chief Digital Officer at Mediabrands

Quentin George was appointed chief digital officer of Mediabrands, a unit of Interpublic Group. The veteran digital marketer joined IPG’s Universal McCann in 2007.

As chief digital officer of Mediabrands, George will be in charge of strategic planning and business development of the holding company’s digital marketing strategy. As a holding company, Mediabrands oversees Universal McCann and Initiative, and represents a number of digital specialists such as Reprise Media in the search category and Ansible in mobile.

In each of those aspects he will study the investments and partnerships made in each digital area, whether it be mobile, search, or a social platform.

Since Universal McCann is still under the Mediabrands umbrella, his prior role leading the agency’s digital and new media practices will continue. Since June 2008 he has been president of Universal McCann, prior to which he was global head of digital media and strategic innovation.

Mediabrands was formed as a holding company in July by IPG to manage all of the global firm’s media-related assets.

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