Quote of the Day: Microsoft/Atlas “Engagement Mapping”

“The cynic in me isn’t surprised that Microsoft’s got a long line of agencies waiting to test this stuff, since it justifies spending more money on ads with crap click-through and conversion rates even when the real purchases are coming from a keyword buy on a competitor’s search engine [keywords]. But the basic argument — some people see an ad and then decide to act later — seems sound. I just don’t know what proportion of users do this, vs. the ones that just didn’t notice the earlier ads. After all, if you know a user’s browser loaded four of your banners without results, but then the user clicked on a fifth, you still don’t know much.”

-Greg Yardley, writing on his blog about Engagement Mapping, Microsoft’s new approach to gauging impact and optimizing spend for ad impressions across search and display ads. (See ClickZ’s earlier coverage.)

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