Ralph Lauren Targets iPhone Users And Store Patrons

ralph-lauren-rugby.jpgPolo Ralph Lauren yesterday announced an application that will enable consumers to customize items from its Rugby line of apparel and order them on their iPhone or iPod touch, as well as via in-store kiosks, touch-screen window displays, the brand’s Web site and its mobile-specific site.

Dubbed the “Rugby app,” it lets viewers use either an uploaded personal photo or a stock image in order to see how items look in that particular context. Hairstyles, skin tones, and backgrounds can be adjusted while ‘trying on’ shirts, sweaters, jackets, etc. Branded patches can be added to the clothing.

Aimed at an 18-to-25-year-old demographic, 11 clothing combinations are available for male viewers and eight for females. When viewers complete a ‘look,’ they can send it to their friends and others in a variety of ways, depending on what channel they are using. The look can be delivered via e-mail, by tapping a button on the interactive window displays or in-store kiosks, and by posting it at Facebook. These social sharing features can be entertained by the consumer after creating a look, while no purchase is required.

Customized orders that do get placed will take 72 hours for the brand to review. Then a CRM rep will call the purchaser to acquire the credit/debit card number and shipping info, as well as possibly make changes to the order.

Additional twists to the effort include viewers being able to rate and purchase each other’s looks. The creations getting the highest ratings will be featured as the “look of the day” across the campaign channels.

The initiative was pushed via an e-mail sent to the brand list on Thursday morning. In addition, bloggers were invited to an event at Rugby’s New York store Wednesday night to create online buzz.

It’s the brand’s first effort that at once delivers user-generated content via all four channels: the Web site, mobile, in-store kiosks, and interactive window displays, according to a spokesperson. The spokesperson added that while the in-store kiosks and interactive window touch-screens were only available in New York and San Francisco, a national roll-out is planned for its other nine U.S. locations.

The app requires Apple’s 0S 3.0 operating system for iPhones and iPod touches.

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