Razorfish Establishes Cloud Computing Practice

Razorfish is launching a cloud computing practice to help clients maximize efficiency through the Web-based computing platform, and establish the agency as a thought leader on the emerging technology.

Cloud computing, an operating process by which companies get their software and other shared resources on-demand from the Internet rather than from their own servers, is still in its early stages and remains a mystery to many companies (and an intimidating one at that). But Rey Velez, Razorfish’s chief technology officer, said the agency was already helping clients increase advertising ROI by up to 500 percent by helping them adopt it.

“We can offer clients a very rapid, cost-effective way to set up microsites and Web sites leveraging cloud infrastructure,” said Velez.” I think it is applicable to any client we work with, depending on their comfort level with the technology.”

The agency, which is part of the Publicis Groupe, has already helped Bundle.com and MillerCoors set up cloud computing infrastructures. About 100 employees will work on the new practice part time and will be coordinated by Velez.

Simultaneous to launching the practice, Razorfish announced that it has become an Amazon Web Services global solutions provider. AWS is a cloud computing platform that can store and process huge datasets, circumventing the need for upfront investments in hardware.

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