RealClearPolitics Relaunches, Gets Funding

All things political site, RealClearPolitics, has unveiled a site revamp, and accepted an investment of “an undisclosed sum” from Alan Warms, the man behind a new ad and CGM content management outfit, Participate Media.

One new site feature is the “Opinion BuzzTracker,” (powered by Technorati) which presents the most popular news stories based on, of course, blog coverage. (Because, if it’s big in the blogosphere, everybody must be talkin’ about it, right? Sure….) Other new offerings include reader-submitted articles, topic-driven content browsing and RSS subscriptions, and links to audio/video of radio, TV, speeches and debates. So far it’s populated mostly with links to transcripts.

A comment from right-leaning poli-pundit, David Brooks in the press announcement was so book-blurby and almost phony, it gave me a chuckle: “Some people wake up every morning with a raw egg and exercise. I wake up every morning with It’s the perfect one-stop shopping for the smartest commentary on politics and life.”

Poor Sly Stallone! Just because he gulped raw eggs for breakfast as Rocky doesn’t mean he’s not an intellectual who’s interested in politics! I mean give the guy a break!

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