Reebok Reaches Out to PSP-ers With Site

It’s only been a week since Sony released the firmware that lets Playstation Portable (PSP) users browse the Web via Wi-Fi. Already, Reebok has launched a site to market the sneaker maker’s wares via the new platform.

Reebok’s head start comes in part from its relationship with interactive agency Zugara. The Los Angeles-based creative shop also does work for Sony’s Playstation brand.

“[The firmware upgrade] was released in Japan about two months ago, so we’ve been toying around with this since then,” Matt Szymczyk, CEO of Zugara, told ClickZ News. “We’ve had about two months to play around with it and figure out what will work and what won’t work — what would be the best in terms of usability.”

The site, at, serves as a sort of PSP portal to all of Reebok’s various campaigns, allowing device users to access content tailored to the PSP. Content includes wallpapers, themes, audio and video clips. So far, all of the elements are re-purposed from Reebok’s Web campaigns, but the agency plans to watch usage and see if it would be worthwhile to create unique content for the device.

To tailor the content for the PSP, Zugara designed the site for the PSP’s aspect ratio, avoided Flash, and kept video file sizes below five megabytes, for the most part.

“We’re basically going back to the HTML roots and creating a site that would be easy to navigate and add content to,” explained Szymczyk.

The agency plans to get the word out about the site by sending press releases to PSP-oriented sites like PSP Garden, PSP Home and Joystiq.

“We’re going to leak it out slowly and hope it catches on,” Szymczyk said.

The agency will gauge the site’s success by measuring downloads of the various content elements.

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