Reed Business Opens Network to Partners, Using Burst

burstmedialogo.gifB-to-B publisher Reed Business has been using Burst Media’s ad management platform for about a year, and now the company is opening up its network of about 20 sites to additional business publishers through an extended relationship with Burst. Through the new Reed Partner Network, the publisher aims to broaden the reach for advertisers looking to reach potential clients in niche technology, engineering and other markets.

So far, only a couple of site partners have been tacked onto the network, which can enable a variety of standard and rich media ad formats.

“We have actually approached one of our competitors who…we’re hoping to get them signed up,” said Brian Gallagher, president of Reed’s, a directory of industrial services.

In conjunction with the Reed network, Burst has pooled over 100 sites from its b-to-b and technology channels into its own b-to-b network. “As we grow our technology channel and b-to-b channel then those sites will be part also of the Reed Partner Network,” said Burst CEO Jarvis Coffin.

Reed can accept ads from the Burst network and Burst’s sales team can sell into the Reed network.

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