ClickZ Intelligence: The DNA of a Great M-Commerce Site Part 2 [Sample]

This report outlines the 12 key pillars of successful web design, based on best-practice examples and expert advice. It will help you create an m-commerce site to meet the needs of the modern multichannel consumer in an efficient, elegant and effective manner in order to maximize conversions online and offline.

Using a wealth of retail-focused case studies and actionable tips from experts, this report will help you:

  • Use knowledge about the audience to create a user-focused experience.
  • Help users accomplish tasks with elegant simplicity.
  • Plan a site that personalizes and adapts to contextual relevance and intention.
  • Reduce friction on the path to purchase.
  • Anticipate customer desires and concerns when collecting personal data and making payments.
  • Establish consistency and maximize credibility with cross-platform brand and identity.
  • Express your physical-world expertise online.
  • Meet the customer’s desire for multichannel convenience.
  • Take a holistic approach to cross-platform conversion.
  • Deliver a user experience that is optimized for usability and mobile-friendliness.
  • Obsess about the need for speed to maximize usability and performance.

This is part 2 of three-part series.

Please note: this is a sample of the full report which is available to ClickZ Intelligence subscribers.

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