The Click-to-Call Playbook for Paid Search

Thanks to smartphones and click-to-call, consumers are responding to paid search ads by calling businesses by the billions. These calls, while often the most lucrative type of conversion, are also the most difficult to track and measure. They are creating a black hole in marketing ROI data that has made optimizing mobile PPC campaigns a challenge.

Marketers investing in mobile paid search must shift their old desktop-centric thinking and adopt new ad, bidding, and attribution strategies to drive more call conversions and sales.

This playbook will show you:

  • How to create mobile-preferred paid search ads to drive calls
  • How to optimize local search campaigns for with click-to-call
  • How to attribute, analyze, and control calls from paid search to drive sales
  • and much more

Mobile search is about immediacy and simplicity, and no ad format combines the two better than call-only ads.

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