Research Bits

A few interesting stats came out today that we’ll just touch on briefly here.

  • TNS Media Intelligence: “Internet display advertising registered the largest gain [in 2005], up 13.3 percent to $8.3 billion on the strength of accelerated spending from dot-com brands. For the year, these online brands accounted for 49.7 percent of total internet expenditures, the highest level since the dot-com bust.” Across media, advertising advanced to $143.3 billion, up 3 percent compared to 2004.
  • JupiterResearch: 40% of search marketers use only Google and/or Yahoo! for their campaigns. “Even though search engine usage by marketers has broadened in the past couple of years, marketers are still slow to test the newer search providers,” said Sapna Satagopan, Research Associate at JupiterResearch. “Lack of management tools and relatively low traffic volume are the biggest deterrents.”

Interesting tidbits, both.

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