Resources7 Secrets of the Data-Driven CMO

7 Secrets of the Data-Driven CMO

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Marketing organizations are making major moves into analytics technology – many of them for the first time.  For all the major companies, the results have been exceptional with effective marketing, better ROI and higher revenue, while other just developing companies have seen the struggle.

For all the aspiring data-driven CMOs, Domo has brought about tools to support your skills, and accelerate your presence in the market by accumulating all your marketing data- social media, response rates, traffic, and more—into a single, dynamic marketing dashboard.

This whitepaper highlights how to:

  • Manage by exception and engage only in the metrics that matter
  • Back up every decision with data
  • Rely on your team to manage details, so you can look into more important things.
  • Measure the “unmeasurable” elements of marketing, like engagement, buyer attitude, and branding.