Resources5 Types of Shoppers & How To Win Their Heart

5 Types of Shoppers & How To Win Their Heart

Shopping has changed on a global scale, meaning it is even easier for users to find your site. However, with the changes in shopping come changes in behavior.

Customers now have their own shopping personalities, habits, and patterns that help them carry out their purchases. From longer research periods to impulse purchases, there are multiple buyer personas and shopping types visiting your site. With all these types of shoppers, it’s more important than ever to understand them.

In this UpSellit infographic, you will learn about the 5 different types of online shoppers you need to understand.

The buyer persona breakdown will help you learn more about:

  • Traditional buying habits and behaviors associated with specific personas.
  • Preferences of specific types of shoppers and what builds their loyalty.
  • Different engagement strategies to capture shoppers and convert them.