Resources7 Winning Lead Generation Strategies that Drive Growth

7 Winning Lead Generation Strategies that Drive Growth

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The tumultuous past year has brought on market changes that forced many companies to pivot and reinvent their lead generation strategies. In a recent survey, 73% of B2B CMOs said they are shifting promotional activities online.

At the same time, businesses are leveraging traditional media, like direct mail, to replace in-person interactions.

This whitepaper provides you with 7 data-savvy strategies to wrap around your lead generation efforts to improve opportunity close rates and lower acquisition costs:

  • Analyze your customers to understand needs and behaviors
  • Use lookalike models to find and target your best prospects
  • Leverage intent data to predict which accounts are in-market
  • Build authentic connections using consumer and business data about key stakeholders
  • Identify buying groups to influence purchase decisions
  • Build the right content
  • Target and distribute content to the right person and buying group