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Black Friday Cyber Monday eCommerce Advertising Report

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The Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) holiday is the event of the year for most eCommerce brands, and the time where many net a significant percentage of their annual revenue. There are lots of different strategies for how to play this period, whether increasing spend drastically, targeted increases in some channels or over a limited time window, or eschewing the holiday altogether and going dark.

One thing is for sure – there is very little consensus over the best approach to take to maximize your returns. As with all things eCommerce marketing, a big part of this is a measurement problem.
Especially post-iOS 14, very few eCommerce brands have good quality cross-channel and cross-funnel performance data, and a lot of decisions are made using guesswork and assumptions.

Given these industry-wide challenges, Fospha are in a unique position to look into the impact of spend strategies across the Black Friday period. With a world-leading attribution model that offers deep insight, particularly into hard-to-measure impressions-led channels, and a wealth of cross-client data, we are delighted to share with you the best channel strategies for the BFCM period based on our own measurement.

Download the report to find out:

  • What’s the best channel mix for Black Friday?
  • When’s the right time to invest for maximum revenue and profitability?
  • Is it really correct that upper-funnel activity is a bad bet for the Black Friday period?