ResourcesReport: Your customer lifetime value (CLTV) is at risk

Report: Your customer lifetime value (CLTV) is at risk

There is a fight going on all around you for the future purchases of your customer.

And the odds are stacked against you. Gigantic forces are at play. They create a significant threat to your company’s ability to compete and sustain itself. These forces of data-profiling and an explosion in innovation are creating a perfect storm; disintegrating any competitive advantage you may currently have.

The fight?

It is over who knows the customer best and can serve their needs and desires. The winners are already capturing the lion share of your customers lifetime value from you. You may get some, but not as much as you used to.  This pdf briefing discusses the forces at play and what you can do about them to regain control of your customer relationship and protect and increase the share of YOUR customers lifetime value for your company.

  • Discover the key data and innovation forces at work
  • Understand why you need a strategy to regain control of your data and the threats if you don’t put one in place
  • Access the Fospha framework for implementing a customer protection and data control plan
  • Learn how to optimize your acquisition and loyalty activity to grow and protect CLTV
  • Effectively optimize your business for future growth with innovation insights

Who should read this?

CMO’s, CTO’s, CEO’s, COO’s CRO’s, Customer Loyalty and Customer Success Heads and Digital Marketing Specialists.

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This briefing is created by Lee Arthur, General Manager US, Blenheim Chalcot in partnership with Fospha.