ResourcesBuilt to Last: Designing Your Ideal Digital Experience Platform

Built to Last: Designing Your Ideal Digital Experience Platform

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The rise of the marketing technology stack over MarTech suites means that many industry leading DXPs are now designed to integrate into your existing technologies, rather than having those technologies reconfigured to work with them. It has been found that the average lifespan of an “out-of-the-box” DXP falls somewhere within the realm of three-to-five years; at that point, an organization will either have to overhaul the platform they have in place or completely scrap it and start over with a new vendor.

In this whitepaper we’ll go through the steps of achieving a thoughtfully integrated DXP, such as how to plan out your digital experience platform, aligning your organization, navigating through the buying process, ensuring a high efficiency implementation, and building a culture of constant optimization.

  • Understanding your digital experience needs
  • Aligning your organization
  • Picking your DXP vendor
  • Ramping up through implementation
  • Launch and “Constant Innovation”