ResourcesBuyer Intent: How to Start Using Your Data Immediately

Buyer Intent: How to Start Using Your Data Immediately

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Most software sellers have implicit data – i.e. what someone does when they’re on YOUR website – but how do you best take action on it? For example, a visitor reading your blog post could be displaying an implicit buying signal, but how do you know? Often it’s a clue that someone is interested but, compared to explicit data, it’s not very strong.

On G2, however, you can trust that this signal is, in fact, explicit, because G2 is a marketplace. This means buyers specifically come to G2 to: research products, learn about customer experiences, and hear from other people like themselves. These buyers are proving their intent to ultimately make a purchase, hence the term: Buyer Intent Data.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How buyer intent data will organically create more alignment between sales and marketing
  • How it will attract new net opportunities once the buyer data is turned on
  • How it can inform your direct mail and gifting strategies to help close opportunities