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Digital Analytics & The GDPR

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Taking effect in May 2018, the GDPR applies to all businesses and organisations that collect or use personal data from users in the EU. If you collect and analyse digital analytics data, that means you!

The GDPR is complex and comes with the risk of massive, unprecedented sanctions for companies that are not GDPR-compliant. AT Internet’s short guide presents the 5 things you must know when it comes to digital analytics and the GDPR. You should be able to respond clearly and confidently to each of these questions, and your analytics provider should be able to give you transparent answers.

In this guide, discover:

  • Which types of analytics data are “personal data” as defined by the GDPR
  • What answers your analytics provider should be able to give you about data collection, processing and storage
  • What you need to know about co-responsibility under the GDPR
  • What to watch out for regarding how your analytics provider processes and uses data
  • What to expect from the ePrivacy regulation in terms of analytics
  • Why AT Internet’s Analytics Suite is 100% GDPR-compliant