ResourcesEmoji…or eNOji? What science says about subject lines.

Emoji...or eNOji? What science says about subject lines.

What effect does an emoji have on subject line performance? 

Having studied millions of words, phrases and sentences, the Phrasee team have proven that there is a science to human language. And better yet, a science to email subject lines. So where does the emoji fit in? And how does it affect email opens?

We’ve seen the emoji rise to fame with limited insight into the effect it has on human language. Phrasee’s team of awesome scientists have done extensive research into the language brands use, and how the inclusion of an emoji impacts the performance of a subject line. Awesome.

Download this report and learn:

  • How modern linguists have changed the way we write
  • The importance to start off with a strong subject line
  • Key takeaways on implementing split tests

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