ResourcesKnowledge Management: The Challenge; The Solve

Knowledge Management: The Challenge; The Solve

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Every day, businesses are accumulating more and more data, and at a rate faster than before. The vast majority of this data is unstructured in PowerPoints, PDFs, Word Documents and videos. In fact, analysts at Gartner estimate that more than 80 percent of enterprise data is unstructured. These unstructured assets are often the most valuable as they contain data that has been massaged into knowledge. Imagine the expense and effort to create these decks, reports, plans and insights. Much of this data is stored on internal systems like SharePoint with the assumption that it can be accessed and used. Unfortunately, unstructured data is extremely difficult to search. As much as 95% of that organizational data will never be accessed again after 90 days from creation.

How do you find what you need, when you need it? Knowledge workers—including marketers, researchers, business development teams, sales, customer support and leadership—are faced with daily challenges to find information within those assets.

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