ResourcesMaking SEO Predictable

Making SEO Predictable

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With the advancements in natural language processing (NLP) – like Google’s BERT – search has increasingly become more and more user focused over the years. As an SEO marketer, this focus on users’ information affects the way one approaches optimizing for search. To understand Google’s search algorithm, one needs to first understand the factors Google uses to assess the content and domain, and how it matches these with user’s search intent/need.

ALPS, iQuanti’s enterprise SEO platform, takes the guesswork out of SEO and reverse engineers Google’s algorithm using advanced data science.

This whitepaper helps you to:

  • Understand the complicated search algorithms and ranking metrics used to correlate SEO performance to revenue.
  • Comprehend iQuanti’s ALPS as a suite of next-generation predictive enterprise SEO tools.
  • Understand how ALPS takes the guesswork out of the SEO process and solves for predictability in simple steps.