ResourcesPaid Search Monitoring and Brand Compliance Survey Report 2022

Paid Search Monitoring and Brand Compliance Survey Report 2022

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We’re living in a golden age of digital marketing. As consumer behaviors shift, the pace of digital transformation has quickened across many sectors – pushing marketers to invest more than ever before in various digital channels and affiliate programs as a way to generate growth.

In 2022, affiliate marketing spend in the US alone is expected to reach a record high of $8.2bn. Meanwhile, paid search is being forecasted to hit a global market spend of $136bn by the end of this year. By investing in these growing markets, brands expect to generate new sales lease, bolster conversion levels and build meaningful business relationships.

Yet as marketing strategies evolve and paid search and affiliate continue to dominate spend, it’s critical that brands understand the fundamentals of these cross-channel activities, the interplay between them and how it has the potential to affect brand safety and integrity.

Affiliate non-compliance and the inevitable crossover this creates through paid search has the power to break even the strongest brands – which in turn creates demand amongst brands for more effective brand safety tools and a need for cross-channel monitoring solutions.

For this reason, ClickZ has partnered with leading brand protection and compliance provider, BrandVerity, to conduct an extensive survey exploring marketing practitioners’ experiences with affiliate marketing and paid search, the key areas in which these mediums overlap and how threats to brand integrity could be overcome through dynamic crosschannel monitoring solutions moving forward.

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