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Sectigo State of Website Security and Threat Report

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Website security is not top of mind for most small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Their focus is understandably on getting products and services to market, managing their core operations, and serving the needs of their customers, particularly during the pandemic. But lack of attention does not equate to lack of importance. Website security is critical, regardless of the business’ size. As businesses digitize their operations, their websites are becoming increasingly mission-critical for both business operations and customer communication.

Sectigo recently conducted a survey of SMBs to better understand the role websites play in each business, the degree of risk these sites represent, and how prepared SMBs are to secure them. According to the study, SMBs are confident in their website security stance, to the point of being overconfident. Forty-eight percent believe they are too small to be attacked, and 75% believe they are effectively mitigating website risks.

To prepare themselves for today’s threat landscape, SMBs need to align themselves with a security provider that can provide holistic, all-in-one solutions. They need a partner with the resources to stay on top of the evolving security/threat landscape so the SMB doesn’t have to. They need a solution that they can “set and forget” so they can focus on their core businesses.

This report covers the concepts of:

  • SMBs believe they are effectively mitigating risks
  • SMBs with websites breached by an attack
  • Severity of website breach impact
  • Consequences of website breaches