ResourcesHow To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Over a third of the web is now powered by WordPress. The overarching difficulty with using such a popular CMS is that there are thousands of different themes, plugins, and technologies all having to coexist.

For an everyday WordPress user, this can quickly turn into a nightmare when a site starts to bottleneck and lose users, read time or its rankings on Google. But most importantly, majority of users don’t know how, or even where, to start troubleshooting.

While there have been countless tutorials over the years with ways to optimize and speed up your WordPress site, it can sometimes be confusing trying to find everything you need in one place.

To address that very issue, here is an eBook that covers all you need to know in one place!

It shows you:

  • How having a fast site can help boost your rankings
  • How to improve your site’s crawl ability for search engines
  • How to improve your conversion rates
  • How to increases time on your site
  • How to decrease your bounce rate