ResourcesThe Amazon Advertising Flywheel Strategy Guide

The Amazon Advertising Flywheel Strategy Guide

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US advertisers spent a whopping $7.41 billion in 2018. Amazon controls 6.8% of that market, trailing only Google and Facebook. The trend however, is that growth rates for the eCommerce Goliath will comfortably stay above 50% for the next few years; Amazon just never ceases to invest in expansion.

Amazon’s marketplace and competitive landscape is constantly evolving. Display, paid search, video – all of which are just the surface of the sea of advertising channels Amazon brings to the market. For your advertising efforts to succeed in 2019, you need to understand and effectively strategize for where and how you intend to spend your advertising dollars.

In this report we will cover:

  • An extensive look at new additions to Amazon’s Ad Marketplace
  • Strategies that fully incorporate all components of the Amazon advertising flywheel
  • Tactical implementation of Amazon advertising approaches